Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorites // What's In My Bag?

Happy Friday! I hope you are all having a great start to your weekends! Today's post is really simple, but I wanted to share my everyday essentials that I carry with me in my purse.
 Here is my list of favorites! 

Tory Burch real leather wallet
I love this wallet. I am really picky about my wallet size and color and shape, I like this style and it has a lot of room for cards! 

C√ČLINE celine glasses
Sunnies, obviously a must have for summer!

Yves saint laurent Lip Gloss
This is my favorite lip gloss, it stays on forever and smells so amazing!

Dolce Gabbana perfume
I love rollerball perfume bottles, they are great for keeping in your bag for those days when you need to freshen up.

Topshop lip treatment
I love these lip balms, I usually have at lease 5 lip balms in my bag at a time… I'm slightly addicted. :)

Bath and Body Anti bacterial pack 
This is necessary for those times when you need to wash your hands but aren't around a bathroom. 

Essie nail polish 
I usually have a bottle of nail polish in my purse for when my nails chip or when I have some time to kill and I can paint on a fresh coat. 

Kate Spade Small Notepad
I always carry a note pad with me to jot down notes etc. I'm a huge list maker! 

I keep a pen in my purse as well for notes and lists.

Camelbak Eddy 25-oz. Water Bottle
I need my water bottle at all times to remind me to drink more water! I love Camelbak water bottles! 

Keys- obviously.

Iphone, again… this goes without explanation. 

Black 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target 
My current purse is a 3.1 phillip lim bag from his amazing Target collaboration last fall. I love this bag!

Gum, a must have.

Not much of this in my purse, haha. I use my debit card much more often than cash.

I hope you all pick up some of these items- it sure makes my life easier when I'm out and about!
Much Love,

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