Sunday, March 30, 2014

What To Do On A Sunday Afternoon...

Sunday Fun Day

I thought I would just quickly share a few of my favorite things to do on a Sunday Afternoon! I have actually done all of the above at some point today. I just started watching the TV show "Suits" and I am already addicted. I adore both Gabriel Macht & Patrick Adams on the show, they are amazing actors, and they aren't too shabby to look at either. ;) I have also been in bed drinking coffee, listening to music, reading, and online shopping. (J.crew always has great sales!) Basically, I view Sunday as my lazy day of the week. I relax, rest & do my favorite things at home to get refreshed for the week ahead. I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday's! What are your favorite things to do over the weekend? 

Much Love,

Thursday, March 27, 2014

How To: Create a Beautiful Closet Space

Good afternoon ladies! I want to share my thoughts on closet spaces today & give some tips on keeping your clothes displayed in a visually appealing way. One of my favorite parts in my room is my closet. I was very fortunate to have my Dad build me a closet a few years ago. I designed it & laid out the plan I wanted, and he built it! I call it my Carrie Bradshaw closet. :) I think every girl out there knows exactly what I'm talking about when I say that we all dream of having a "Barbie Dream House" or "Carrie Closet." I watched all of the "Sex & the City" seasons a few years back, and as soon as I was introduced to Carrie's Closet, I was instantly inspired to create a space where I could display my clothes in a beautiful way! 

I haven't always had the room that I have now to store my clothes. I lived in a college dorm room for a year and shared a closet with my roommate. The following year, I lived in a condo with a small walk in closet. And, last summer I lived in a tiny apartment in downtown Ann Arbor and I had to get creative with my closet space. Here are a few pictures...

My Closet in College. 
I brought my wooden hangers from home to give my clothes a chic hanging space. 

My Closet in the condo I lived in- a nice walk in, yet still a little cramped. 
I still made sure to hang photo's to inspire me.

I had such a tiny closet in my bedroom, I ended up storing my vaccum in there, and put my clothes in my living room closet! I put a rug on the floor for my shoes, and kept pictures behind my clothes for an extra stylish touch.

Throughout the years, I have realized how important it is to keep your clothes in a beautiful space. You don't need to have a huge area, you can make the smallest of spaces look cute with a few simple touches. Here are some of my closet essentials…

Closet Space Essentials

And here are some photo's of my current closet space! 

I love having all black frames, with black and white photo's hanging in my closet. You can buy frames at Target or Ikea for $1-10, and print your favorite pictures from Pinterest to fill the frames. 

I love displaying my perfumes in old bottles, like the one on the left from Anthropologie. 
My current favorite sent is 'Chocolate' by Zara. I like to display my fragrances on old vintage trays. 
I love this gold one that I bought at a thrift store! 

I also think it is really important to add your personal photo's to your space. 
I love this one of my Grandma and I. Since she passed away just over a year ago, I like to keep her photo's around to remind me of her. 

It's also a good idea to put a sent diffuser or a candle in your closet. It adds a lovely smell to your space, AND your clothes! I adore this one from Anthropologie.

Jewelry display's are also incredibly important. 
Not only will it show off your bling in a pretty way- it also keeps it organized! 
I usually use trays, like this one from Target, or I use vintage bowls from thrift stores. 

I love keeping my shoes mixed with books & bags on shelves! I keep fashion books, and my favorite novels on my shelves to display alongside my accessories. 

Your closet space is a wonderful area to get creative in!

I also enjoy mixing my nail polish and jewelry on trays in my closet. 
Tip: Print off colorful pictures to add to the visual display.

Well, thats about it! As you can see, I am very passionate about keeping my closet space neat and organized. Make sure you take time to clean out the clothes you aren't wearing, and donate them or have a clothing exchange with your girlfriends! Now that it's officially spring, it's a perfect time to go through your wardrobe & take some time to make your closet space pretty! 

I hope you were inspired by this post! 
Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and feedback! I would love to hear from you!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Wish List

Spring Wish List

Hello! Over the weekend I went to Chicago with my family. We stayed downtown and I was able to do some shopping while I was there! I haven't been to Chicago for a few years, and I forgot how much I adore Michigan Ave. and The Magnificent Mile! I spent Saturday shopping at my favorite stores such as; Nordstrom, Forever 21, H & M, and most importantly, Zara & Topshop! We don't have either Zara or Topshop in Michigan, so I was thrilled to find both stores in Chicago. I've been to Zara a few times, when I lived in Florida. But I had never been into a Topshop before. I quickly fell in love with everything in that store! I could have spent hours there, trying on beautiful clothes & getting inspired through their style. I did buy a few things, but throughout the day I saw some amazing pieces that I didn't buy (even though I wanted to!) And I thought it would be a good idea to share some of them on my blog. I hope you enjoy my fun finds, and that you can be inspired to go out and do some spring shopping!

Topshop nail polish
$8.24 -

Zara t shirt
Zara flat

Zara necklace

Forever 21 neon jewelry

Forever 21 sunglasses

Forever 21 top

Forever 21 toiletry kit

Here are a few photo's from my weekend getaway! 

Such a beautiful city.

We stayed at the Fairmont Hotel, it was lovely! 

I had my coffee each morning in bed & got some reading done.

The Magnificent Mile. 

I will wear my new items from Zara & Topshop in future posts! 

Thank goodness for Starbucks!

Such beautiful jewelry at Topshop.

The view from our room on the 27th floor. 

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! 
Here's a little reminder…

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Break Essentials

Spring Break Essentials

Happy First day of spring! I thought today would be the perfect day to share some of my spring break essentials. I am unfortunately not going anywhere warm this spring. I am actually headed to the windy city (Chicago) this weekend. However, I will be going to Florida for a close friend's wedding in June, so I am already looking forward to some beach time, even if it is a way's away! I know there are many of you planning to go somewhere this spring, lucky you! :) I hope you will enjoy my tips and that you can use some of my suggestions as you plan your vacation!
1. Beauty Products
You don't want to forget sunscreen, lip care with spf, some bright nail polish & some sea salt spray to add texture and perfect beach-y waves to your hair!

2. Clothes That Can Go From Day to Night 
 I love this breezy mint romper! You can wear it over a swim suit, or throw on a cute necklace & a pair of wedges for an easy outfit when going out at night.

Forever 21 romper

3. A Beach Towel & Reading Materials
Big beach towels are the best when you can sprawl out on them and enjoy a great magazine or a good book. No vacation is complete without excellent reading material!
J Crew beach towel

Gone Girl
Loved this book! I read it in 2 days, I couldn't put it down!

4. Jean Shorts & a Basic T-Shirt
I always bring simple pieces like this on vacation. You can mix up the t-shirts with the boyfriend shorts, and throw it on when heading to the beach, or when going out for ice cream!

5. Sunglasses
This kind of goes without an explanation. I will say this; I LOVE cat eye sunglasses!

6. A Bag For Every Occasion 
 I love bags with a side strap. When you are traveling, you definitely don't want to have to lug around a huge bag wherever you go. These are great for the plane, or for a nice dinner. I love bags that are a bright colored leather. It surprisingly looks great with everything!

7. A Big Beach Bag
 Having a large beach bag is important, you can keep everything from your towel, to your change of clothes, to your books & magazines. I love Ikat print!

8. A Bright Dress & Necklace for a Nice Night Out
One of the best parts of being somewhere tropical for vacation is 1.being tan, and 2. wearing bright colors, which makes your tan look even more amazing! I love this pink dress with a chunky statement necklace. 

J Crew statement necklace

9. Shoes & Accessories
I brought far too many sandals on my last trip, I'm not afraid to admit that, haha. I do wish I had brought more versatile shoes. A pair of sandals that can go from the beach to a night out is ideal. Also, you also don't need a lot of jewelry on a vacation. I think less is more when you are away from home. Wear a simple gold bracelet or a cocktail ring, but don't over do it!

Topshop sandals

Marc by marc jacobs bangle

10. A Swim Suit. (Obviously.) 
 If you can only bring one, bring a solid color, black is great because it is slenderizing. I love this one because of the scallops! 

Like I said earlier, I won't be going anywhere warm until june this year. But I did want to share some pictures from my vacation last February, when my family and I went to the beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

These first few pictures are from the airport, and our first morning on vacation. I love wearing comfortable clothes while traveling, yet it is always fun to look cute! So I wore a long maxi skirt, a gray Tee, a jean jacket & a scarf. I brought plenty to do on the plane; my computer, magazines, and the first season of "New Girl." We arrived late at night, and we stayed with my aunt and uncle at their hotel. When we woke up, the first thing we saw was a personal pool on the balcony & and an amazing view!

We spent the majority of our trip by the pool and swimming in the ocean. 
(I bought a few of my swim suits from

Every night we ate out at some great local restaurants. It was fun dressing up after a day spent sweating in the sun. My favorite outfit was a pink jumpsuit from ASOS. 

My sister and I had a blast exploring the hotel and taking pictures. I loved this neon chartreuse blouse and silver sequin shorts. 

It was usually 80 degrees most days, the perfect temperature for crochet shorts and breezy dresses!

The hotel we stayed at most of our time there was where my aunt and uncle vacation, we had a blast spending the week with them! (

I can't express how wonderful that vacation was! I can't wait to go back one day. Mexico is truly beautiful. I hope you were inspired by some of my outfits. I spend a few weeks shopping in stores and online before we left to find the perfect pieces to bring! 
My favorite stores to buy items for a vacation:
-ASOS (online)
-Old Navy
-Forever 21
-H & M
-Tj Maxx
Feel free to comment below with any questions, suggestions or feedback! 
I hope you have enjoyed my blog so far, I have loved posting! Thanks to all of you for reading, it means more than you know!

Have a wonderful first day of spring!