Friday, March 14, 2014

My Everyday Makeup Favorites

Everyday Makeup Favorites

I have a confession… I have a serious addiction to Sephora. I have been an addict for about 3 years, and I have actually worked my way up to a VIB (Very Important Beauty Insider) status, so I can now receive some awesome deals & fun  perks! I haven't always been interested in makeup. In high school I usually wore very little makeup, and if I did, it was from the drug store, and I didn't even really know what to buy, or how to apply it. I have learned more about makeup since then, mostly because my younger sister is currently in cosmetology school. She knows literally everything about makeup, and so I am very lucky to get many of my tips & product suggestions from her!

The thing I love about Sephora isn't only the way they display their makeup in such a gorgeous way, but their customer service is incredible! I can't tell you how many times I've walked into their store completely overwhelmed and clueless, and their sales team are always so great by answering my 10,000 questions! If you can relate, I would definitely recommend shopping at Sephora for a little guidance! Ulta is also a great store. They actually have a larger selection, and more drugstore brands as well. It is kind of a personal preference. I used to think it was silly to buy makeup for such an expensive price, and I used to buy all of my makeup for much cheaper. What I quickly discovered after trying more expensive lines was the quality, and even more importantly, I found that I could get so much more wear out of the pricier products. I used to buy mascara by CoverGirl for $7 a tube and it would last a few weeks. Now I buy YSL or Marc Jacobs & it lasts 3-4 months! I do strongly believe that a lot of drugstore products are just as good, maybe if not better than some  designer lines, but it is definitely a trial and error process!

I decided to show you a list of my everyday beauty products. I know it looks like a lot, but i can actually get ready most days in 10-15 min! I have tweaked my daily routine so many times, but i think i have finally found a system that I like. I did a lot of research on makeup before I became a junkie. I found it helpful to read different bloggers opinions & discover their favorite products. It can be so overwhelming finding something you like, so its always great to start with a product that gets good reviews! I hope that you can benefit from my suggestions! 

Eos lip treatment
Target is amazing, right? I can never resist buying one of these great little lip balms at their check out areas! They smell amazing, and are so smooth. I usually keep one in my purse, and one by my bed. $2.99

Forever 21 polka dot makeup bag
I buy almost all of my makeup bags from Forever 21. This one is $6. Super cute, and even better, super cheap! Which is nice because we all know how dirty our makeup bags can get!

Too faced Eye Shadow
I have literally had this for over a year! It lasts so long, and it is a great everyday palate, but it can also be used for a smoky eye! $36

Tart BB Cream 
This may be my favorite product. I buy one of these tubes every 1-2 months. I use it every day, and it goes on so smooth and makes your skin look & feel great. I use the medium shade. $ 34

Lancome Foundation 
This is my big splurge item. I use this over the BB cream if I need more coverage. It really does a great job lasting all day! I only buy this 2-3 times a year because a little goes a long way! I use 320 bisque. $46

Tarte Bronzer
Again, this lasts so long! I have been using this for 5 months, and I haven't even seen the bottom of the container yet! The best part, I got it on sale for $6!!

Nars Blush
I love Nars products. I actually only buy this 2 times a year as well. I love the Super Orgasm shade. $30

Nars Highlighter 
My sister convinced me to splurge on this, and I am so glad that I did! Again, it lasts forever, and it makes your checks glow. Just add a little bit on your cheek bones for an instant face lift! $39

Yves Saint Laurent mascara
I adore YSL. I can't emphasize that enough. The entire brand is my favorite. I really like this mascara, it isn't clumpy at all, and leaves your lashes long and thick! $30

Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss 
Confession: Every time I wear this on my lips, I feel like I'm drinking a Sex on the Beach cocktail… it smells just like it! This gloss lasts so long, and looks amazing. I love shade #10. $30

Stila waterproof eyeliner
I usually use NYC liquid liner, but this stella liner is also amazing. I am known for "the cat eye" line, and liquid liner works great for a fun cat eye! $20

Nars Eye Primer 
I use a dot of this on each eye lid to keep my eye shadow from getting creases. $25

Kate Spade lipstick
My favorite part of this lip stick is the name, Supercalifragalipstick :) $24

Anastasia Eye Brow Gel
My eye brows have a mind of their own. I feel like I can never keep up on them! Anastasia is a line of makeup completely around your eye brows! This gel keeps them in place! $28 

Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray 
This spray is a miracle worker! It literally keeps my makeup on all day! I love the de-slick spray. $28

Face brush
All of my brushes are usually from Sephora or from E.L.F. $1-12

I have always used Loreal for my solid eye liner. It lasts all day with out smudging! $7

Well, I think thats about it! Like I said earlier, I hope you ladies benefitted from my makeup tips & suggestions. Do you have any products that you would recommend? I love hearing about new products! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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