Thursday, March 27, 2014

How To: Create a Beautiful Closet Space

Good afternoon ladies! I want to share my thoughts on closet spaces today & give some tips on keeping your clothes displayed in a visually appealing way. One of my favorite parts in my room is my closet. I was very fortunate to have my Dad build me a closet a few years ago. I designed it & laid out the plan I wanted, and he built it! I call it my Carrie Bradshaw closet. :) I think every girl out there knows exactly what I'm talking about when I say that we all dream of having a "Barbie Dream House" or "Carrie Closet." I watched all of the "Sex & the City" seasons a few years back, and as soon as I was introduced to Carrie's Closet, I was instantly inspired to create a space where I could display my clothes in a beautiful way! 

I haven't always had the room that I have now to store my clothes. I lived in a college dorm room for a year and shared a closet with my roommate. The following year, I lived in a condo with a small walk in closet. And, last summer I lived in a tiny apartment in downtown Ann Arbor and I had to get creative with my closet space. Here are a few pictures...

My Closet in College. 
I brought my wooden hangers from home to give my clothes a chic hanging space. 

My Closet in the condo I lived in- a nice walk in, yet still a little cramped. 
I still made sure to hang photo's to inspire me.

I had such a tiny closet in my bedroom, I ended up storing my vaccum in there, and put my clothes in my living room closet! I put a rug on the floor for my shoes, and kept pictures behind my clothes for an extra stylish touch.

Throughout the years, I have realized how important it is to keep your clothes in a beautiful space. You don't need to have a huge area, you can make the smallest of spaces look cute with a few simple touches. Here are some of my closet essentials…

Closet Space Essentials

And here are some photo's of my current closet space! 

I love having all black frames, with black and white photo's hanging in my closet. You can buy frames at Target or Ikea for $1-10, and print your favorite pictures from Pinterest to fill the frames. 

I love displaying my perfumes in old bottles, like the one on the left from Anthropologie. 
My current favorite sent is 'Chocolate' by Zara. I like to display my fragrances on old vintage trays. 
I love this gold one that I bought at a thrift store! 

I also think it is really important to add your personal photo's to your space. 
I love this one of my Grandma and I. Since she passed away just over a year ago, I like to keep her photo's around to remind me of her. 

It's also a good idea to put a sent diffuser or a candle in your closet. It adds a lovely smell to your space, AND your clothes! I adore this one from Anthropologie.

Jewelry display's are also incredibly important. 
Not only will it show off your bling in a pretty way- it also keeps it organized! 
I usually use trays, like this one from Target, or I use vintage bowls from thrift stores. 

I love keeping my shoes mixed with books & bags on shelves! I keep fashion books, and my favorite novels on my shelves to display alongside my accessories. 

Your closet space is a wonderful area to get creative in!

I also enjoy mixing my nail polish and jewelry on trays in my closet. 
Tip: Print off colorful pictures to add to the visual display.

Well, thats about it! As you can see, I am very passionate about keeping my closet space neat and organized. Make sure you take time to clean out the clothes you aren't wearing, and donate them or have a clothing exchange with your girlfriends! Now that it's officially spring, it's a perfect time to go through your wardrobe & take some time to make your closet space pretty! 

I hope you were inspired by this post! 
Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and feedback! I would love to hear from you!

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