Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Favorites // What's In My Bag?

Happy Friday! I hope you are all having a great start to your weekends! Today's post is really simple, but I wanted to share my everyday essentials that I carry with me in my purse.
 Here is my list of favorites! 

Tory Burch real leather wallet
I love this wallet. I am really picky about my wallet size and color and shape, I like this style and it has a lot of room for cards! 

C√ČLINE celine glasses
Sunnies, obviously a must have for summer!

Yves saint laurent Lip Gloss
This is my favorite lip gloss, it stays on forever and smells so amazing!

Dolce Gabbana perfume
I love rollerball perfume bottles, they are great for keeping in your bag for those days when you need to freshen up.

Topshop lip treatment
I love these lip balms, I usually have at lease 5 lip balms in my bag at a time… I'm slightly addicted. :)

Bath and Body Anti bacterial pack 
This is necessary for those times when you need to wash your hands but aren't around a bathroom. 

Essie nail polish 
I usually have a bottle of nail polish in my purse for when my nails chip or when I have some time to kill and I can paint on a fresh coat. 

Kate Spade Small Notepad
I always carry a note pad with me to jot down notes etc. I'm a huge list maker! 

I keep a pen in my purse as well for notes and lists.

Camelbak Eddy 25-oz. Water Bottle
I need my water bottle at all times to remind me to drink more water! I love Camelbak water bottles! 

Keys- obviously.

Iphone, again… this goes without explanation. 

Black 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target 
My current purse is a 3.1 phillip lim bag from his amazing Target collaboration last fall. I love this bag!

Gum, a must have.

Not much of this in my purse, haha. I use my debit card much more often than cash.

I hope you all pick up some of these items- it sure makes my life easier when I'm out and about!
Much Love,

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Top 10 Favorite Spring Trends

Top 10 Spring Trends #1
Top 10 Spring Trends #2

Hi Ladies! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Today I wanted to share my favorite spring trends with you. For more of my favorites, check out my "Spring Fashion" Pinterest page by clicking Here!

1. Cat Eye Sun Glasses

2. Jean Jackets

3. Rompers & Jumpsuits

4. Ankle Strap Sandals & High Heels

5. Simple & Dainty Gold Jewelry

6. Flowy Fabric // Pants, Tops & Shorts

7. Graphic Tee's

8. Oversized Clutches

9. Asymmetrical Skirts & Skorts

10. Floral Print

What are your favorite spring trends?

Friday, May 23, 2014

My Favorite Hair Styling Essentials

Hi Ladies! I wanted to share some of my favorite hair products with you all. 
Here is a list of my essentials!

My Hair Essentials

Not Your Mother s hair conditioner
I have been using this conditioner for a year now, and I love it! It smells like something from my childhood, AND it makes my hair really soft. I also think it does really work for hair growth.  

Chi Straightener Styling tool
I rarely have to actually straighten my hair, since I have naturally straight hair, but I like the size and the feel of this straightener.

Blow dryer
I just have a basic hair dryer, nothing too fancy. I blow dry my hair almost every time I wash my hair, and luckily it doesn't take more than 10 min to dry! 

Loreal Hair Spray
I LOVE this hair spray! Since I was a little girl, I have always been really sensitive to the smell of hair spray. This spray lasts forever and it is non sensed, so I can handle the sent really well. My hair holds really well with this spray as well.

Chi hair shampoo
I bought this shampoo with my straightener, and I love the smell and the way it makes my hair feel.

TIGI hair shampoo
I just bought this shampoo a few weeks ago when I went back to a platinum blonde. I wanted to remove the brassy orange tones from my hair and it is working great! I alternate with this shampoo and the Chi shampoo every other time. 

Redken styling product
This is a great putty-type styling product. I have shorter hair now than Im used too, and my ends have a mind of their own, so this product works well to tone down my ends!

It's a 10 Miracle Spray
This is my favorite hair product! I bought it after reading the reviews online. I have insanely annoying tangly hair, and this stuff is a true miracle worker when I spray it on my hair after washing it! It does just about everything you want in a product.

Batiste dry shampoo
If you don't have dry shampoo, go buy some. It doesn't really matter what product you use, I like this one or "Pssssst dry shampoo" its perfect for the lazy days when your hair is in-between washes. 

Chi Straightening Spray 
I use this when I do straighten my hair or  use a heat product. it protects my hair well!

CHI curling iron
I have been through my fair share of curling irons, and I really love this one from Chi. I haven't noticed heat damage like I did with other curling irons. I use this most days, and I really like the size of the curls!

Hair Wet brush
Like I said earlier, I hate untangling my hair after its been washed. This brush really helps with the tangles!

Floral headband
I use these headbands and hair ties a ton! They are super cute and they don't pull on your hair like other hair ties do.

Here are some photos of my favorite hair styles… 

1. Flower Head Pieces 

2. Loose, Long and Lightly Curled

3. Braid Headband 

4. Straight and Short 

4. Top Knot 

5. Low Pony Tail 

6. Curled Away From My Face (Very Farrah Fawcett)

I hope you were inspired today! 
I love posting and sharing my thoughts with you all. 
Much Love,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to Wear: Summer Pants

Hello beautiful ladies! 
So, I had a great weekend celebrating my younger sister's birthday! I spent Saturday eating far too much, seeing "The Other Woman" and driving to Novi for dinner with my family. I wore something a little warmer, it was a chilly day so I wanted to wear something summer-y but comfy. I recently bought a pair of peach pants at Nordstrom Rack and I LOVE them! I bought them originally to wear them with heels, but I wore some glitter flats instead. 
Take a look at my photos from the weekend below… 

My Outfit: Nordstrom top & Pants // forever 21 druzy stone necklace // Gap jean jacket // 
Old Navy glitter flats // forever 21 bag

My Sister's Outfit: Everything forever 21 except necklace, which is from Pitaya 

I love how easy this outfit is. I actually felt like I was wearing my pj's all day! :) 
It's hard to wear long pants in the summer, but I adore these flow-y style pant that is becoming very popular this season. If you are getting sick of dresses, skirts & shorts these pants are a great alternative! 
I made up a few looks with some ideas on how to style these chic and simple summer pants! 

How to Wear: Summer Pants

1. This is similar to what I wore this weekend. I love solid prints, flow-y fabrics and heels.   Keep the jewelry simple with this look, a tiny necklace or midi-rings are great!

2.  I adore floral pants this spring/summer! Because the pants have a louder print, wear a basic gray or white t-shirt to tone it down. Very chic and easy! I do think adding a statement necklace goes really well with this look.

3. Crop tops are everywhere this season, and if you are comfortable wearing them, pairing them with a breezy pant is a perfect look for summer! I love how the red stilettos add something extra to this outfit. It's important to keep your neck bare with a top that has more volume to it. I like adding earrings to keep the focus on the layered top.

4. This look is doing the opposite of the 3rd look. I choose something more loud for the top, and simple sandals for the bottom. If you don't like wearing heels, these pants go great with flats and sandals as well. Don't forget a gold statement necklace either!

5. If you want something more cozy and comfy, but still cute, I love this sweater with these pants. Again, sandals go great with this pant style! I also like the boyfriend watch instead of big  earrings or necklace. This look is perfect for a rainy day!

If you are going to a restaurant or a movie theatre where you know the air conditioning will be pumping, bring along a solid blazer or jean jacket to stay warm indoors! 

I hope you enjoyed my looks & styling tips for this easy summer style! Please feel free to comment below with suggestions, tips & your opinion on these looks, I love hearing from you! 

Much Love,

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rainy Day Essentials

I grew up with the phrase"April showers bring May flowers"… but what if it is May 14th & it continues to rain and rain day after day?? I am getting sick of this rain, and I am so ready for the sun! I have been inside this past week a lot, but if I do go out I grab a trench coat, an umbrella & flats. Here are some of my rainy day essentials… 

Rainy Day Essentials

Topshop layering tank top
I love simple black tops, especially with dark wash jeans this is a super simple way to stay chic even on gloomy, rainy days! 

J Crew cotton trench coat
This Jcrew coat is adorable! I have been wanting to buy one similar. My current coat is black, but this one is more traditional. 

MARC BY MARC JACOBS zipper jeans
Even though it is the middle of may, some days I still bring out my jeans when it gets chillier at night.

Jimmy Choo heeled flat
Black flats, if you don't have a pair… go buy some NOW! I wear them year round! Even though sandals are this season's most wearable shoes... on cold rainy days I trade them in for some flats!

Yves Saint Laurent handle bag
I throw all of my stuff in my huge black bag and take it around like a suit case. This YSL bag is #1 on my wish list! 

Burberry yellow gold jewelry
Don't forget some gold jewelry! It adds something to every look. 

Kate Spade studded jewelry
I love these simple black studs- perfect for something subtle but chic. 

Forever 21 striped umbrella
This umbrella is adorable! And its so cheap- bonus! :) 

Butter London formaldehyde free nail polish
I love Butter London Products! I have been wearing red nail polish a lot recently. I will start painting my nails brighter when it starts to to get brighter outside! 

I hope you are all staying dry during these rainy days! I am trying to stay optimistic while getting dressed every day, its hard to wear dark colors when I want to bring out my bright flowy dresses! XO