Thursday, March 6, 2014

How To: Dress Up a Casual Look

 Hello Lovely Ladies! Today I was inspired to write about something that I believe is important for every woman to be up to date on: dressing up when you feel like dressing casual. I currently have the luxury to dress casual on a day to day basis. Since I work from home, I could choose to wear my PJ's everyday, which I would LOVE to do, but I believe that it is important to dress in a way that makes you feel good, to wear clothes that help you mentally feel confident about how you look. As comfy as my PJ's are… I don't necessarily feel beautiful or confident when I wear them! I also don't want to walk around the house wearing high heels… so where's the happy medium? I'm sure that many of you who also work from home, or those of you who are stay at home Mom's can relate to my thoughts on day to day wardrobe options! I also want to inspire those of you who are allowed to wear casual looks to your work place, or those of you who are still in school and want to look cute, yet also feel comfortable. Here are some fun and easy ways to wear your favorite t-shirt's, jeans, and sweatshirts 
while looking chic at the same time! 

                1. Dress Up a Casual T-shirt or Blouse with a Great Necklace.
               This is an easy one, Ladies. It doesn't take long to throw on a little bit of glitz to        
                  glam up a basic every day shirt. "Bib" necklaces are a popular trend right now,
                     and I love wearing them with a graphic Tee. And as mentioned in my last post,
                  I also love Druzy stones. They are really cute way to add a splash of color to your 
            favorite white blouse or tank. 

2. Add a Watch & Some Simple Gold Jewelry.
This is my every day staple. I don't go anywhere without my favorite gold Michael Kors watch. 
Even when I run to the store in a white T-shirt, wearing a gold watch on 
my wrist adds just a little bit of glamour. 
Bonus: You won't need to dig in your purse to find your phone for the time!


3. Your Hair & Nails are an Accessory Too!
If you don't have time to curl or straighten your hair (like myself on most days!) Pull your hair up in a top knot, tease it a little bit & add a simple headband for instant glamour. Add sunglasses to every outfit, casual or not.. this is an instant way to look chic. 


4. Your Shoes Can be Comfortable AND Cute!
I love the look of rolled up jeans & some cute flats, a pair of white Converse sneakers, 
or espadrilles with a fun print. Easy & chic!

5. You Can be Cozy and Cute at the Same Time!
I have numerous sweatshirts with a fun graphic print. I am currently obsessed with floral prints for spring, so similar to the photo below, floral sweatshirts are perfect for a casual but cute look! You don't need to add much to this, maybe a simple gold necklace and a gold watch. The sweatshirt speaks for itself here, so you can relax and look totally adorable all at once!


Most of the sweatshirts that I buy don't have a hood, similar to the examples below. The pink one is from Nordstrom, and the grey one is from Madewell. 


                                          Here's one more tip: Layer!               I also love sweatshirts with
                                          Take a simple blouse and                  embellishments. No jewelry
                                          Throw it under a sweatshirt               needed! 
                                          for an instant easy look!

     Well, that's all for now! I hope you are inspired from my fun and 
simple ways to dress up a casual look!
Feel free to leave comments, questions & feedback below!

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