Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Office Space Essentials

Work Space Essentials

I recently started working from home, and I just finished my office space! I love it. I have a great vintage desk, a ton of art on the walls & amazing supplies. Here are some of my favorite work space essentials… 

I always have flowers on my desk… sometimes they are fake, but it gives life to my work space instantly! I love white roses right now, so classy & gorgeous!

Candles are burning throughout my home, but I love having them on my desk. It makes me feel so cozy and calm.

Wall Art
Im a very visual person, so being inspired in my work space is really important for me. I love looking around and seeing photos on my wall. I love this one by Riffle.

2014 Secret Garden Calendar
I have this calendar in my room, but I have several Rifle calendars in my office area. They are so beautiful! I can't express enough my love for Rifle Paper Co.!! 

Kate Spade Sticky Note Set
Keeping sticky notes on my desk are important for all of my random lists and notes. I have these ones on my desk right now and they are awesome because there are so many different sizes!

Kate Spade Planner 
I bought this planner in August of 2013, and I was so excited to use it in 2014. It is a great size, and its so insanely adorable!

Gold Scissors
Gold, gold, gold. I am obsessed if you didn't already know. So obviously my scissors and other office supplies must be gold as well!

This stapler is on my wish list right now. I love it!

Washi Paper Masking Tape
I use washi tape like its my job. I love using it on just about anything, from cards, to inspiration boards… who doesn't love washi tape?!

Acrylic Tape Dispenser
I bought this recently, and it is even prettier in person. Who Would have thought I could be so in love with a tape dispenser?

I don't have these pens, but I do use my gold gel pen like nobody's business. It looks so pretty on paper!

Here is my office space!

The last photo was from this afternoon. Im getting inspired from my favorite magazine,  Domino. {P.S. those flowers are REAL! I adore the color!}
One more tip: look in the $1 section at Target, they usually have adorable office supplies. I get most of my pens and paper pads there. 
What are your favorite office supplies? I would love to hear all about them! :) 

Have a happy wednesday! 

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