Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How To: Transition Your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring

It's April 1st! I can hardly believe that not only it's a new month, but that today marks my 1st month of blogging! I started March 1st, and I must say that I have loved every second of working on making Shop Jolie a blog that women everywhere can be inspired by. :) I thought today would be a good day to look at some ways you can start changing your winter wardrobe into your spring one! (YAY!) 

I for one, am extremely psyched to get rid of my boots & big coats and put on flats & skirts again. It takes a few weeks for the weather to transition into shorts wearing weather. 
So what should we wear in the meantime? The days can be so warm when the sun is shinning, but what do we wear at night when it gets chilly again? I have one word for you: Layering! 
I love wearing a jean jacket, or a long sleeve blouse instead of a bulky sweater with jeans. And if you are going to wear a sweater, I suggest pairing it with a long skirt & a statement necklace. You don't want to put your sweaters away quite yet. I actually just bought a cute lavender sweater at ZARA last week, and I can't wait to wear it with shorts or a maxi skirt. (Pictures soon to come!) 

Basically- the main tip I can give, is balance out your clothes. For example, either wear a light shirt with boyfriend jeans, or a jean jacket and long sleeve shirt with a shorter skirt. Another thing, put away your dark colors and bring out those pastels & brighter shades of pink! I am so sick of natural colors, such as black and brown taking over my wardrobe. However, if you do like wearing natural colors over bright ones, I suggest that you pick out some fun bright jewelry or pastel shoes! I love mixing a neutral color with subtle bright pops of color. Take a peek at some photos I found on Pinterest to help inspire some great spring looks! Happy Spring! 

I hope you were inspired by this post! Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below. I appreciate any words of advice, and I am always happy to answer questions!


  1. Very beautiful! Nice style and blog you have, keep posted!

    1. Thank you so much Lara! I really appreciate your sweet comment, and I am so glad that you are enjoying my blog so far! :)