Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Spring To-Do List

Happy Thursday! Thank goodness Friday is just a little ways away, am I right? 
I was thrilled to find the sun shinning today.
And the warmer weather has finally started because it was 70 degrees outside! YAY! 

I found a great list on one of my favorite blogs, The Glitter Guide, the other day. They listed their spring to-do list, and this gave me a great idea to make my own, and also share some of the things I want to do over the next few months with all of you! 
Here is their list….

And here are some of the things I want to do this spring, I hope you will have a chance to do them too!

I have several books on my to-read list, but I really want to read Rachel Zoe's new book "Living in Style." it sounds so good!
I want to spend more time exercising. I want to do more yoga, bike riding etc. And I also want to start eating more fruits & veggies. I want to get ready for swimsuit season, while also having fun exercising & eating well.

 It is a great time to go through your home & clean things from top to bottom! I always do my spring cleaning in April, and I go through my clothes at this time as well. When going through the items I want to keep, I also spend time looking at blogs and Pinterest to get ideas for spring trends & new outfit inspirations. I took the pictures from today's post from Tumblr. I love looking at my site to get inspired when re-decorating or changing my wardrobe. 
(Check out my Tumblr page for more inspiring photos like these….

Don't forget to get outside, roll down your windows & let in the fresh breeze! It feels amazing after months of cold and cloudy weather. I like to eat outside at restaurants as often as I can in the spring and summer,
really take advantage of this when you can!

Try out new recipes, buy a bottle of wine you've never had before, 
make a fruity cocktail, buy fresh flowers to add to your coffee table...

Embrace the season through everything that you do! 


Now is also the perfect time to buy a cute new umbrella, a sweet floral fragrance, and a new shade of lipstick!   

I hope you enjoyed my list of spring to-do's! What are the things you love about spring? 

Much love, 

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