Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Workout Essentials

Hello, Ladies! I want to share some of my workout essentials with you today. I have been trying to get into a better work out schedule for the past few months, and I have finally been doing a lot better this week! I think the easiest (and by far the most fun) part of working out is wearing cute, comfy clothes! I am someone who wears yoga pants on a regular basis, so having a legitimate reason for wearing them makes me very happy! :) I wanted to share some of my favorite stores for finding my workout needs…

Work Out Essentials

I was at Old Navy yesterday & found so many cute items in their athletic department! I bought a shirt recently from there, and I love it. The best part is the prices! Their athletic gear runs from $5-$30! So when you have a chance, check out an Old Navy near you, or go on their website,

I have the same shirt that Damsel in Dior is wearing here from Old Navy.
(I LOVE this picture, she is a great blogger.)

One great thing about spring, is that the weather is finally nice enough to spend time exercising outside! I went for a run yesterday outside and it was amazing being in the fresh air again. I bought my Nike running  shoes last fall, and I have loved them so much. They are a very bright neon, so I feel more comfortable wearing them in the spring with my other bright shades, rather than in the winter when I wear mostly black and gray to the gym.

Nike has great shoes, check out their website for more colorful shoes for your workout this spring!

I also love the slogans & quotes from Nike.

Happily Grey is another blogger that I follow, and she just so happens to love Nike too!

Another store where I buy a lot of my clothes for working out, is Victoria's Secret. They have really expanded their VSX Sport line, and so many of their yoga pants and bras are really comfortable! I also love their seamless panties, which are perfect for yoga pants. They carry water bottles, hair ties, gym bags and more accessories as well!

Atheta is another great store for work out gear. It's a little bit more expensive, but they have great clothes! I also shop at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for a lot of my work out essentials. They have so many brand names for amazing prices! I even bought a yoga mat and exercise ball there. 

Don't forget to bring your iPhone and ear buds to the gym with you! I never forget my best music playlists to help make my workout more interesting. 

Here is my current favorite song to workout to:
"I Will Never Let You Down"
by: Rita Ora

You also don't want to forget your water! I am obsessed with these BKR water bottles.
(You can find them when clicking on the photo. And while your on the site, check out the other adorable items! )

I truly hoped you enjoyed this post! Keep watching for more workout inspired posts from me, I will share my favorite exercise routines & my workout schedule very soon. :) 

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